Investing in remote customer service teams can help retain customers in different locations

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March 03, 2020, 5:01 PM UTC

51% of customers never return to a business after one bad experience, according to New Voice Media.

This piece recommends ecommerce brands should focus on retaining consumers and creating a loyal customer base. Brands having customers across the world should invest in remote customer service teams and train them to handle different scenarios. It can help improve customer experiences and consumer retention.

Offering multiple communication channels like phone calls, text messages and instant messages can enhance accessibility for consumers and build loyalty. Brands should also create personalised experiences with product recommendations to increase repurchases and build trust.

The author says creating videos or catalogues to demonstrate product practicality can motivate consumers’ purchasing decision. Providing perks like free shipping to existing consumers can help increase consumers' average order value (AOV). Loyalty programs can further enhance the AOV.

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