Brands should look to data for crafting stories that resonate

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March 03, 2020, 3:10 PM UTC

Data designers should conduct primary research and know the origins of data to portray it accurately.

This article states data can play a more profound and emotional role and help understand human nature to create design experiences. Giorgia Lupi designer for Pentagram, says data sets can be crafted out of curiosity and be leveraged as creative materials.

Every data set is a comprehension of how its built, not necessarily the objective, and it’s up to the data designers to ethically represent them in visual formats. While Lupi argues that data is an abstraction of reality, she emphasises on approaching it with clear questions and objectives.

Designers should align their point of view with the story and address the overall brand and mission of the company. The author contends richer and nuanced data sets provide more context and richness to stories.

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