A top-down approach can save a mobile site from looking like a “tacked-on artifact”

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March 02, 2020, 6:33 AM UTC

The site layout must be designed with the right finger size and text size in mind.

This piece shares some tips on how brands can successfully achieve mobile-first success. Adopting a top-down approach for mobile design can be very effective. This approach ensures that a mobile site doesn’t look like a “tacked-on artifact”.

Navigation must make use of recognisable design patterns to achieve true UX-centered design. Brands must design all the important elements as determined by the audience, and such that they cater to the users’ needs.

Marketers should design the layout to suit the right finger size to make mobile accessibility easier for users. Use an appropriate text size to retain readers and to communicate effectively. The author recommends adding a simple icon that takes users back to the website’s homepage.

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