Advertisers should increase their media spends on mobile in-app channels

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March 02, 2020, 1:16 PM UTC

Consumers spend 90% of their time on mobiles in-app, but it receives only a quarter of media spend.

This piece argues brands are missing out on the opportunity to reach their target audiences where they are most active. Consumers spend more time spent on mobile than on watching TV, but it gets only a tiny slice of ad spend.

The prevailing notion is that in-app audience is comprised solely of young gamers, which makes this channel irrelevant for multiple advertisers. But article posits that in-app audiences are spread across the age-demographics and have pretty-decent gender balance as well.  

The author contends not only do mobile phones observe the highest rate of video consumption, but also offers better metrics to measure success like video completion rate, CPC and CPA. In-app ad formats are practical and user-friendly, while also being “brand-safe and fraud-free”.

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