Take a holistic approach towards measuring content marketing performances

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February 28, 2020, 5:33 PM UTC

Tracking SEO metrics including SERP, page view and unique visitors can provide deeper insights into campaign performances.

Measuring metrics can gauge campaign performance, but brands should understand their user behaviour and attribute it with appropriate metrics. Brands can track website visits from Google Analytics. But, measuring SEO performance with metrics like SERP can enhance traffic, leads and conversions.

Marketers can also leverage tools like Moz to measure their brand authority while building trust and increasing sales. To better measure the engagement metrics, brands can use Audience Overview in Google Analytics and see the total number of visitors and an average number of pages per session.

The author contends brands should evaluate the content performances on social media platforms to have a better overview. Brands can leverage metrics such as KPIs to create an effective tracking system of their campaigns.

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By Michael Brenner on Marketing Insider Group, 28th Feb 2020