PR needs to evolve and use tech to reach out to their audiences

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February 28, 2020, 11:16 AM UTC

Leveraging digital marketing strategies can help PR professionals enhance performance.

This piece argues that instead of entirely focusing on media coverage as a sign of a successful campaign, public relation professionals should utilise digital marketing tactics to reach out to their audiences. PR executives should understand their target audience intimately and have an idea of their gender, age, income and social habits.

PR professionals should invest in publications or partnerships that can provide them with a viable link to their target audience. Properly analysing each campaign can contribute towards smart decisions and better campaign optimisation.

The author contends comparing impressions with metrics like click-through rates, view-through rates and interactions can help professionals accurately measure the success of a campaign. It can further help public relation specialists to optimise their content and tailor it to reach out to the target demographic effectively.

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