Lean into customer behaviour and embrace customer-centric innovation to achieve business growth

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February 28, 2020, 4:12 PM UTC

This piece contains an interview with Disney’s former head of innovation and creativity, Duncan Wardle.

Duncan Wardle says marketers should lean into consumer behaviour and embrace customer-centric innovations. Consumers, especially Generation Z, want brands to care about a social purpose more than profits.

Understanding customer behaviour can not only help marketers reach their audiences effectively but also encourage customers to buy from them. Disney, for example, reaches out by exclusively using User Generated Content for their Disneyland account, allowing them to be authentic as well as save on costs.

Wardle suggests marketers should revise their strategies from time-to-time. Brands should look beyond experts for innovative ideas by posing proactive questions to employees and customers. Proactive questions can lead to innovative solutions to common pain points.

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