Despite providing value, “edutainment” videos on YouTube face multiple challenges

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February 28, 2020, 4:40 PM UTC

Educational videos built around in-depth research and proper attribution can help provide accurate “edutainment”.

This article states Edutainment videos, which lie at the intersection of education and entertainment, are often marred with misinformation and plagiarised work. The challenges surrounding edutainment include understudied information and ephemeral content on complex topics.

Specific subjects like health videos have been examined through dozens of studies considering the quality of these videos across the platform. And, while YouTube has taken action over particular issues, by demonetising anti-vaccination videos, its actual impact in stopping misinformation is debatable.

The author suggests that treating description boxes as citations for bibliography can help in proper attribution. Contacting experts and asking for feedback further allows creators to approach edutainment videos from a traditional science publication view and build consumer trust.

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