Crafting timely, concise and value-added PR pitches can help land positive media coverage

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February 28, 2020, 10:15 AM UTC

Offering exclusive yet relevant content can motivate journalists to cover a press release.

This piece provides insights into some successful PR pitches that got placed in media publications. Based on the strategies used by these successful examples, the author suggests public relation professionals should look to tie their news into broader trends to make it more appealing.

PR pitches should offer some news value and focus on the topics relevant to the publication.  For instance, a pitch from Washington University landed at The Guardian’s page, as the story was precise and covered the impact of artificial lights at night on insects.

The Guardian had previously written thoughtful pieces on other aspects of global insect decline, and the university’s article added value to their pages. Similarly, covering an exclusive update on time can help PR professionals convince journalists to publish their story.

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