For audio ads, 180 words per minute for a commercial is the “optimal timing”

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February 28, 2020, 10:49 AM UTC

A study looks at the relation between an audio ads’ speech rate and the perception it creates for viewers.

This article cites a research which reveals that it would benefit audio ads to slow down speech delivery instead of trying to fit a lot of information in at a rapid rate. Delivering 180 words per minute for a commercial was observed to be the “optimal timing”.

This is supposed to work better than delivering a longer message very fast. This speech rate helps create a positive perception, attract attention and aids recall of information.

It also ensures that, “a consumer pays attention to the commercial, has a good perception and attitude.” Further, if the goal is to move consumers to the product, packing in too much complex information and delivering it at a rapid rate isn’t effective.

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