Optimise different variants of the landing page to appeal to various audience aesthetics

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February 27, 2020, 3:04 PM UTC

CTAs should be rewritten to convey their messages and increase engagement effectively.

Brands should optimise the structural elements of their landing pages, including their USP, hero image and page design to appeal to various audiences and capture leads. Marketers can craft the headline and sub-header to inform users about their USP and its value proposition.

This article states optimising the hero image, a large web banner image, further provides context to an offer. Experimenting with the hero image by introducing a video or splitting the layout allows marketers to communicate their proposition effectively.

Breaking lengthy copies into digestible copies enables brands to explain the real value of their offers adequately. Marketers can also experiment with their CTAs with different sizes and colours to make them more enticing and increase conversions.

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