IGTVs recent updates can help marketers create successful video marketing campaigns

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February 27, 2020, 4:35 PM UTC

Creating horizontal videos on IGTV with dimensions of 1080x1920 can enhance engagement rates.

This article states Instagram’s recent IGTV update provides insights on data such as likes and comments, influencer partnerships and lets creators develop original video series. Marketers can use these latest developments from IGTV to expand their presence on Instagram.

Brands can effectively raise awareness for their IGTV content by directing subscribers from their other channels to their IGTV series. With IGTV now offering more insights into data such comments, and profile saves, marketers can produce and publish cost-effective relevant content.

The author suggests that brands should publish IGTV content on their Instagram timeline to increase their reach and push engagement. Placing texts and subtitles on the video enables marketers to increase watch time as many people tend to watch videos on smartphones without audio.

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