Brands must use Google Analytics to set conversion goals for landing pages

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February 27, 2020, 10:41 AM UTC

Businesses should also be continually monitoring goals to make sure they’re moving upward.

The author shares some tips on how brands can optimise their landing pages over time. Businesses must start by figuring out which of their landing pages are performing well through Google Analytics. They must then determine whether there is a specific call-to-action or page that drives the most clicks.

Brands could use tools like Unbounce to optimise landing page templates to drive increased traffic. Running multiple versions of the same page, side-by-side allows the brand to A/B test them to see which one is the “winner.”

Regular testing can also let the brand meet its own expectations. Brand’s must, however, ensure their creative and marketing messages are consistent not only across landing pages but also across marketing channels.

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