Volume-based video lead scoring helps identify a lead’s level of interest

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February 26, 2020, 10:17 AM UTC

Lead scoring is used to determine a prospect’s sales readiness.

This piece suggests how can score video leads. Topic-based video lead scoring can be a starting point and would involve identifying the type of video a lead viewed and mapping that information to the stage of a buying cycle.

In percentage-based video lead scoring, it’s important to track not only what video prospects have watched, but also how much of it they’ve viewed. This can help identify leads that watched a video fully as against those that saw probably only 30 seconds of it.

Volume-based video lead scoring calls for looking beyond individual videos to understand a lead’s level of interest in a company. Businesses can identify leads that have spent considerable time consuming content over a certain time period, with the rationale that they are likely to purchase.

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