Companies can map out customer journeys to glean and fix possible CX issues

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February 26, 2020, 2:41 PM UTC

A customer journey map visually translates and illustrates the steps consumers go through when interacting with a company, a product or service they use.

This article states that a customer journey map can help brands collect customer data and discover issues that are impacting customer experiences (CX). Creating a journey template enables marketers to evaluate “experiences” and “insights” that are directly supported by prospects and customer data.

B2B brands can collect data on CX by interacting with their account executives, while B2C brands can gain insights from their customer support representatives. The author suggests brands should evaluate each aspect of their prospects’ CX journey to identify their pain points.

Brands should combine customer personas, lifecycle stages and associated attributes to effectively map out CX issues. Marketers can then investigate touch-point improvements like content, CTAs, and product benefits to enhance the CX.

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