Marketers should consider focusing on the scripts and highlight product benefits in explainer videos

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February 25, 2020, 2:26 PM UTC

Explainer videos are one to three minutes clips that help consumers understand how a brand and its products can help them.

This piece suggests while scripting explainer videos, brands should focus on the factors like budget and physical setup among others to create effective explainer videos. Explainer videos can increase web traffic, raise brand awareness and enhance customer engagement across channels and company sites. 

Marketers should be realistic about the products and features they showcase on the videos and avoid unnecessary characters or cameos. Deciding on a style of explainer video, while considering brand goals can create engaging explainer videos.

Brands should find production companies that share the same vision for the project and has adequate know-how. Building a rapport with the director and cinematographer can ensure a smooth flow of the project from the prep day to the shoot day.

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