Launching branded challenge campaigns on TikTok cam help businesses market their products

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February 25, 2020, 5:00 PM UTC

These challenges are generally a combination of three elements, namely, text, sound and movement.

This piece suggests ways how businesses can leverage TikTok challenges to market their brands on the platform, especially finding relevance among Gen Z customers. Marketers can create their own branded challenge campaigns on this short-video platform while ensuring the right context.

Businesses should first decide the main objective of their campaigns and then plan their challenge accordingly. Brands should further gather hashtag ideas that are relevant to the message of their memes. But, marketers should keep their challenges easy for active user participation.

The author suggests marketers can run a TikTok influencer marketing campaign or turn their challenge into a competition, while offering prizes, to increase participation. Businesses can also take part in already existing popular challenges to attract followers and potential customers.

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