Google Ads traffic’s consolidated view can help retailers understand the value of different keywords

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February 25, 2020, 5:11 PM UTC

Major players like Amazon and Walmart purchase SERP and outbid retailers on lucrative keywords and pushing up cost for competitors.

This article notes the increased competition has made the Google Ads landscape saturated, affecting the ROI on ROAS. Adopting a holistic approach to Google Ads and evaluating keyword traffic can help retail marketers remain competitive.

Retailers can create campaigns around branded, non-branded and trademark keywords according to the business value it provides. While non-branded traffic can drive acquisitions, brands should appreciate the value of new consumers and the potential for creating lifetime value consumers.

Owning trademark searches can further help brands create high-quality ads compared to their competitors and enhance consumer retention. Having a thorough understanding of the customer journey can help marketers better position their brands against e-commerce giants like Amazon.

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