Implement nudges in workplaces to promote behavioural change cost-effectively

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February 24, 2020, 9:24 AM UTC

Nudges are interventions designed to predictably change people’s behaviours without violating their autonomy.

Brands can use nudges to guide decision-making towards a particular direction in a cost-efficient manner. Implementing nudges allows brands to make quick decisions while preserving rational thinking and inspire behaviours aligned with attitudes, beliefs and goals of the organisation.

This piece states that human behaviour is irrational as it relies on unconscious mental shortcuts. Companies can use nudges to promote positive behaviours and target a wide range of policy issues like job training, program compliance and security.

Providing personalised assistance via nudges for instances such as tax preparations and financial aid support can further help brands reduce anxiety and procrastination among their employees. The author contends that nudges can outperform traditional communications or financial incentives.

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