Brands should measure co-viewing on CTVs with validated third-party measurement vendors

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February 24, 2020, 2:32 PM UTC

Marketers should understand the relationship between co-viewing audiences by publishers and platforms.

This piece states brands can leverage the benefits of co-viewing advertising on connected TV by measuring co-viewing through validated third-party measurement vendors. In the absence of any validated data, marketers should treat CTV impressions as one-to-one digital impressions avoiding any assumptions.

Both publishers and platforms need to conduct research and implement industry norms to understand the relationship between co-viewing audiences. According to Nielsen’s OTT Digital Ad Ratings, the co-viewing factor is a dynamic metric and audience reach could vary depending on various factors.

The author contends that marketers should have a precise measurement for target demo audiences, as the efficiency rate between total audience and the target audience can vary across publishers. The article states CTV impressions from OTT publishers aren’t verifiable for co-viewing with empirical and quantifiable evidence.

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