Boosting revenue using location data main goal of integrated marketing efforts for 75% of marketers

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February 24, 2020, 2:26 AM UTC

Privacy is a “major concern” for 61% of brands surveyed.

A report by 451 Research revealed 98% of marketers to be working with location data in some way. Modern campaigns that use location data are focusing on re-engaging infrequent visitors, finding new customers to win market share or rewarding loyal consumers.

Marketers are moving towards more sophisticated location data use cases with audience insights, attribution and personalisation. The five stages of sophisticated use of location data were identified as planning, defining a set goals and plans, managing processes, strong quantifiably measured programs and “fully mature, leading-edge company that uses location data for sophisticated tasks”.

For 75% of respondents, increasing revenue across channels is the main goal of an integrated marketing programs. In terms of challenges, accuracy of location data is a concern for 53% of marketers.  

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