Brands should match their messaging to their audience’s lifestyle to attract their ideal customers

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February 21, 2020, 2:50 PM UTC

Focusing on triggers like perspective, familiarity, and pricing psychology can help businesses understand their model consumers.

For marketers to attract ideal customers, they should understand the language of customers and align their brand message to their lifestyles. Brands should stress on values, lifestyles, and behaviour of consumers, especially on mobile websites, to get the attention of ideal consumers.

This article states that triggering consumers emotionally and by understanding their “lingo” brands can understand the values and perspective of their ideal consumers. Further, creating familiar customer experiences and recapturing them in brand messages and images can attract the attention of typical consumers.

The author recommends marketers should price their products and services, so that match their consumer’s pricing psychology. Brands should avoid repetitive words and create messages that can convey a lot in the shortest period possible.

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