Advertisers and publishers need to work together to tackle walled gardens and the post-cookie era

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February 21, 2020, 12:48 PM UTC

Google’s Privacy Sandbox pitch has not convinced many in the industry.

The online advertising industry’s major trade and tech standards body is calling for “the great collab” to tackle walled gardens. Despite their historical rivalries with the ad tech publishers are considering a collective approach to counter the increasing popularity of walled gardens.

Although IAB’s ‘Project Rearc’ could provide media buyers with a first-party data-based alternative to walled gardens, it faces some potential hurdles. Project Rearc may face difficulties in its inception, as multiple groups and philosophies are involved with unaligned interests.

The author contends media buyers should maintain and protect publisher data as well as consumer privacy while working on a collaborative model. Nick Halstead, CEO of InfoSum pitches for a distributed model to provide scale and anonymity.

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