Ad measurement needs to evolve to glean more insights about ad performance

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February 20, 2020, 3:34 PM UTC

Evolved measurement strategies can help advertisers tap into multiple channels and understand the most successful areas for respective channels.

This piece argues while ad verification can help prevent ad frauds and provide transparency for invalid traffic (IVT), it should only be the first step in the admeasurement process. Brands should employ advanced measurement metrics to gauge ad performances.

Making consumer attention as the benchmark for successful digital ads allows marketers to scale, learn and effectively measure the impact of ads. Evolved measurement strategies can also help brands access multiple channel types and collect insights about the areas that work best for them.

The author contends advertisers should focus on robust insights to create compelling brand stories and leave a lasting impression. Setting-up metrics like interaction rate, aggregate time on-screen, around consumer attention can help marketers effectively analyse ad performances.

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