US and UK marketers spend more on management tech than operational tools

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February 19, 2020, 5:16 PM UTC

Only 24% of the marketers spend “about the same” on both management and operational technology.

Based on a Merkel study of the US and UK based marketers, nearly 60% of marketers spend more on management tech as opposed to campaign and decision management tools. 29% of marketers reported only spending on management solutions, while another 29% said they spend more on management tech than operational tech.

The report states there is a disconnect between collecting and managing customer data and having the necessary martech tools to use it for campaign efforts. 75% of marketers reported investing in customer data platforms (CDP), while 37% investing in both CDP and data management platforms.

94% of marketers said they purchased personalisation tech, but 78% failed to implement it on more than three channels. Half of marketers also said that they implemented personalisation on five or more channels.

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