Collaborating with relevant African American influencers can ensure a successful influencer campaign

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February 19, 2020, 2:33 AM UTC

The size of their following mustn’t be seen as correlating with the impact of the campaign.

This piece shares how brands can forge authentic influencer relationships to better reach African American consumers. The buying power of African Americans is expected to rise to $1.54 trillion by 2022. Brands need to embrace African American influencers to align with the audience and embody their company’s identity.

Businesses must identify an influencer that strengthens the value of investment and represents the brand effectively. Having determined the social media platforms that could be relevant to the audience, companies can build relationships with influencers on those platforms.

African American shoppers engage with influencers that stand for causes that they connect with on a personal and emotional level. Companies must convey authentic messages to the audience to drive purchase decision through influencers.

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