Brands should strategically respond to negative feedback on Twitter to enhance customer service

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February 19, 2020, 11:21 AM UTC

But they should differentiate between genuine negative comments and trolls.

This piece suggests businesses should respond to every message on Twitter, even the negative ones, to ensure consumers that the company values customer opinion. Marketers should also consider consumers’ recommendations for the businesses’ products and services, to improve offerings and get ideas for new products.

The article suggests businesses can engage with buyers on Twitter’s direct-messaging option, instead of publicly responding to consumer queries every time. Private messaging further enables marketers to have a detailed discussion about the problems raised by consumers as well as gather customer details like an email address.

The author recommends businesses, with multiple employees to handle Twitter for customer service, can further encourage their employees to sign or write initials in each tweet. It can help brands effectively track interactions between customers and employees.

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