Marketers should ensure their location-based data is privacy compliant

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February 18, 2020, 5:17 PM UTC

Businesses can use location-based marketing software to geo-target their audiences with a “high” level of customisation

This piece talks about how marketers can effectively use location-based marketing techniques to acquire new customers. Brands can leverage GPS data to target their audiences based on user location, while also ensuring the information is privacy compliant.

The article states that while offering the “most” accurate information, GPS data is also “ingested, aggregated and anonymised” to prevent the identification of individuals. Marketers can further match the data to places to keep up-to-date footprints of buildings and know what devices show up there.

The author recommends brands should check the analytics to understand target audiences based on their shopping habits to gain insights for potential ad spends. Marketers can also include demographic or behavioural insights with the location-based data to enhance statistics.

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