Long tail keywords could lead to a higher conversion rate

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February 18, 2020, 2:40 AM UTC

Searchers using these keywords are more likely ready to buy.

This article shares some tips on how brands can improve their SEO strategy to adapt for developments in 2020. They must avoid haphazardly loading their blog with keywords to get results. Companies should understand the role SEO can play in achieving company’s goals.

Brands must structure their website for efficient navigation using breadcrumbs. A breadcrumb trail lets users find their way back through the website. Making it easier for Google to understand a website’s structure can help it gain favour and make it appear higher in Google search.

The author suggests going for long tail keywords as they are less competitive.  Search queries are becoming more conversational, which is giving a rise to long tail keywords. Ranking for these is more attainable and could lead to a higher conversion rate.

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