GDPR compliant email campaigns can help brands connect with genuinely interested audiences

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February 18, 2020, 10:52 AM UTC

Tracking email metrics such as bounce rates can aid marketers to identify areas of improvement and enhance marketing efforts.

This piece suggests though email campaigns are crucial for brand communication, marketers should avoid certain email practices such as impersonal subject lines and poorly designed emails. Creating GDPR compliant email campaigns can help brands connect with people who are genuinely interested in their marketing messages.

Personalised subject lines aligned with consumers’ lifestyle can further help marketers effectively connect with their target audiences. The author recommends businesses should craft emails with quick loading time, bold CTAs and colourful visuals along with animations to improve the performance of their email campaigns.

Marketers should avoid using email templates that are not mobile-friendly, to decrease bounce rates and enhance user experience. Businesses using automation software can further check both mobile and desktop previews while drafting emails.

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