Ecommerce websites should offer a clear value proposition in “above the fold” to hook prospects

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February 18, 2020, 3:52 PM UTC

Above the fold is the content that appears on top or upper half of any web page.

This piece suggests businesses should precisely mention about their offerings in “above the fold” of their e-commerce websites. Offering a clear value proposition can further help brands motivate a higher percentage of buyers to scroll down the page.

The author recommends marketers should offer simple and intuitive navigation on their websites to help shoppers easily locate their desired products. Displaying a quick overview of offerings can further increase the shoppers’ chances of clicking on the navigational link or scrolling down the webpage.

The article states that businesses should include the brand logo in above the fold of their website pages to reinforce their brand identity. Placing the brand logo in a visible position can also help shoppers quickly return to the website’s homepage.

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