Marketers should target “hot-audience” and “super-hot audience” on Facebook to boost sales

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February 17, 2020, 5:45 PM UTC

Hot audiences are the total website visitors who haven’t made any purchase whereas super-hot audiences are pre-existing customers.

This piece suggests businesses should create “hot audiences” and “super-hot audiences” for their Facebook ad campaigns to generate leads and push sales. Brands should then craft adverts targeting both these audiences to acquire new customers and drive immediate conversions.

Testimonials or review ads can be effectively leveraged to target hot-audiences. The author says that testimonial ads are the “most-effective” ad copies as they build social proof and fosters trust. Brands should, however, ensure their Facebook pixels are enabled on all ads.

The author further recommends marketers position discounts or special offers aimed at super-hot audiences. This can help businesses get more value from their existing customers and generate repeat sales.

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