Leveraging AI and customer experiences for thought leadership can help provide value in real-time

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February 17, 2020, 2:50 PM UTC

AI can analyse trends and patterns in real-time and create thought leadership content with a personal touch.

Merging the forces of thought leadership and customer experience through tech advancements can create meaningful connections and provide value to audiences. Brands can leverage AI to analyse large amounts of data and plot thought leadership pieces based on real-time patterns.

Marketers can use data comprising of demographics, population, weather patterns, among others to address the needs of audiences and curate location intelligence content. Rather than populating content on audience’s social media feed, brands should work with ad distribution platforms to make the content feel less intrusive and more ambient.

The author contends creating customised experiences with deeper designs can help brands develop immersive campaigns and benefit from the impending 5G rollouts. Brands should also focus on metrics that can help them connect effectively with audiences.

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