For data to be ready for AI’s use, it must be accessible, aligned and available

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February 17, 2020, 11:56 AM UTC

AI-augmented analytics can help determine if data has any predictive power.

This article states that for enterprises to know if their data is ready for AI, they must evaluate it on a few factors. Businesses must ask if the data is available, accessible and aligned. Only if these points are positive must companies analyse if their fully attainable data has predictive legs.

It is worth evaluating whether the data being used has any predictive power. AI-augmented analytics can help ascertain this. If yes, a good start can be ensured.

Before deploying a predictive model, companies must question whether the data is suitable for it. The article suggests starting with fewer data sets and expanding as needed. With a prediction in hand, businesses must look for actionable variables to determine the next course of action.  

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