Word count isn’t a ranking factor but long-form content gets more backlinks than short blog posts

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February 14, 2020, 5:06 PM UTC

Google’s John Mueller says that matching the word count with top-ranking pieces would not necessarily improve SEO.

This piece states that there is no specific number for the ideal word count to attain high search results. Despite word count not being a ranking factor, it can affect other related factors. For instance, a higher word count can allow brands to better answer the user’s search intent.

Though word count doesn’t necessarily imply quality content, this article states that long-form content generates more backlinks than the shorter ones. However, overwriting content while deviating from the topic can negatively affect the SEO. 

The article suggests marketers should cover at least 750 words while writing the content that isn’t driven by lists or definitions. While approaching listicles, writers can write shorter articles and directly address the most important points in the piece.

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