Map trends to predict, track and create scenarios and their likely outcomes

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February 14, 2020, 4:31 PM UTC

Businesses should rethink trends and their purposes to glean effective marketing strategies from them.

Rather than offering trends as “life-boats” to clients with no roots, purposes, paths or dispersal methods for the market, brands should map out trends for better understanding. Charting out the origins, destinations, and social and cultural drivers of all trends can help marketers make sense of their direction.

Once marketers have charted out the life cycle of trends, they can collaborate with senior managers to forecast their outcomes for strategic marketing decisions. Mapping trends can help brands figure out how to effectively leverage data like consumer footfall, stock market data and fan fiction data.

Marketers can discover “the why of the quantitative data” from qualitative data with the trends map. Crafting pivotal scenarios can help brands comprehend likely futures and build a platform for collaborations.

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