Creating a tip inventory helps categorise and catalogue tips and their sources

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February 14, 2020, 2:21 AM UTC

These categorisations can become a value-add to a body of knowledge.

The author shares some tips on how brands could generate content for how-to guides. Before researching for the guide, brands must identify any standard or codified groupings of information in their vertical. “Recipes” would be relevant to the cooking vertical, for example.

Creating a tip inventory can help the catalogue and categorise tips and their sources in a vertical. The most frequently mentioned tips can be split into smaller tips. Brands can also debunk, disprove or debate the most promoted tips.

Citing source providers can show that the content is trustworthy. If the content has roundup writers, brands must target them first for mentions, shares or link requests. Brands must ensure that their content targets a conversion such as, sign-ups and downloads.

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