Marketers can create sub-set of “wide-net” videos to target their core audience

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February 13, 2020, 1:36 PM UTC

But brands should avoid creating videos which are only about getting viewers to take actions like downloading or buying something.

This piece states that businesses should follow a two-step process while creating video content for marketing their products. Brands should first create wide-net videos for a larger audience to gain ‘social-proof’ for their prospects. They should then create sub-set videos to specifically target their core-audience to turn prospects into customers.

Brands can also create square meme videos by taking the best short clip from the longer YouTube videos. Businesses can further post these video memes on different platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The article suggests marketers should use metrics to track videos’ growth and make necessary improvements. The author says that Average View Duration (AVD) and Click-through Rate (CTR) are the two important metrics businesses should monitor to gauge video performance.

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