Create campaigns around different audience demographics and interests to reduce Facebook ad costs

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February 13, 2020, 5:19 PM UTC

Marketers can also reduce ad costs by eliminating channels that don’t perform well.

This piece states that to effectively reduce ad costs on Facebook, brands should consider factors like ad placements, bidding strategy, creatives, and ad costing. Brands should create ad campaigns around their audiences’ interests, size and location, as these factors contribute to ad costs.

Larger audiences are generally inexpensive, but smaller and heavily targeted audiences could cost more. While ads can be displayed across platforms within the Facebook ecosystem, brands should select the right platforms to effectively display their ads.

Brands can further schedule ads to run on certain hours of the day to maximise reach and enhance cost optimisation. The author suggests adding video in the content strategy can help marketers increase engagement rates, increase ad relevancy and reduce ad costs.

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