B2B marketers should include employees in their content to humanize their brands

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February 13, 2020, 5:02 PM UTC

Businesses should find out emotional stories that can convey how their solutions can benefit customers.

This piece suggests B2B marketers can ask questions to their customers through their content and leverage their expertise to drive the conversation. Businesses should further engage with the responses they receive from their customers to make the brand look relatable and interactive.

Businesses can also give their employees and executives a voice in their B2B content to connect with people on a personal level. B2B Marketers should further feature their customers and prospects in their content to bring in the human touch.

The author suggests brands should know about the general challenges and aspirations that people of a specific job title in the specific industry have in common. Businesses should then personalise content based on these people’s job-related needs. 

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