Marketers should understand consumer behaviour across streaming platforms to enhance video ads

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February 12, 2020, 1:11 PM UTC

57% of consumers in the US have access to at least one streaming service.  

With the number of cord-cutters predicted to reach 55 million in the US by 2022 and the internet being the primary video consumption source, marketers should understand consumer behaviour across streaming platforms to better engage and target them. Businesses should increase video advertising budgets for digital channels to target younger audiences.

Despite streaming services reaching a saturation point in the US, the Asian market is expected to generate $48 billion in streaming revenue over the next five years. Paying attention to local viewing habits can help businesses create effective video ads internationally.

The author contends brands should create a multi-device style ad campaigns to improve their video ad strategy. Though smartphones account for the majority of internet traffic, streaming services are primarily accessed through CTVs in the US.

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