Lead generation quizzes must be kept to the point and short

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February 11, 2020, 9:24 AM UTC

Avoid overloading the audience with information.

This piece shares some tips on how quizzes can be used as lead generation tools. Lead generation quizzes can not only help brands gather information about new leads, they can also pre-qualify them and help the company create more effective funnels, videos, products and sales copy.

Personality quizzes allow companies to pose specific questions to their audience. This helps brands associate the audience with a specific outcome. Knowledge quizzes help gauge the audience’s expertise in a particular area. Companies must be clear on their expectations from quizzes, whether it is lead generation, qualification or segmentation.

Quizzes must be created depending on the relevance they hold to the company’s product or service, or the value they add. The questions must be fun or challenging, simple, short and their focus must be the audience.

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