IAB announces Project Rearc as it attempts to self-regulate the marketing industry

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February 11, 2020, 6:51 PM UTC

Eliminating personalisation can cost digital media companies between $32 billion to $39 billion in ad revenue by 2025.

At the recent trade group's Annual Leadership Meeting, IAB announced Project Rearc to unite the digital media and marketing industry. The Project will attempt to address conflicts between consumer privacy and personalised advertising.

IAB is working with the IAB Tech Lab, government bodies and industry and consumer groups to fashion codes of conduct, legal agreements and technologies for the initiative. The move comes amid major developments including Google's plan to end third-party cookies and CCPA’s enactment. This piece states self-regulation may help the digital media industry avoid stronger crackdowns and shape future legalisation.

Project Rearc will seek to strengthen the adverting industry by reconciling personalisation with consumer privacy. This piece says consumers want brands to know them better, but are increasingly concerned over data privacy.

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