Brands should approach the PR process as informed individuals

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February 11, 2020, 12:02 PM UTC

Consulting experts can help brands dispel misconceptions around the public relations process.

Approaching the PR process as informed professionals and dispelling the myths surrounding it can enable brands to glean positive returns from their investments. This piece says ideas like public relations research being expensive or, that AI drives complex PR research, are misconceptions.

While technology is essential for PR insights, it requires equal parts, research and evaluation. Reliable results can be achieved if the tech used is complemented by human touch. Leveraging “Statistical acumen” and “Sector expertise” can ensure the data is accurate and examined people familiar with PR and the industry.

Budget-conscious brands can also use “Attribution analysis” to track consumer awareness, consideration, understanding, and purchases. Access to free and low costs communication tools can further help PR professionals conduct simple on-line surveys and media analysis effectively.

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