Marketers could examine content frequency when vetting influencers

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February 11, 2020, 2:17 AM UTC

Influencers who post content sporadically can often go unnoticed by users.

The author shares some tips on how brands could evaluate an influencer before partnering with them. It’s very important for marketers to know the demographic of an influencer’s following. They must ask for a media kit and conduct independent research to get an idea of who the audience is.

Businesses must check that influencers are complying with FTC guidelines while evaluating their content. This is an effective way to assess an influencer’s professionalism. If the companies do not see disclosures in content that seems sponsored, they must avoid collaborating with the influencer.

Businesses must consider working with influencers who publish consistently as such influencers would already have an established, loyal readership base. To optimally use spend, consider higher-value and qualitative factors.

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