Deciding success in advance can help brand choose the right metric for their business strategies

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February 10, 2020, 11:11 AM UTC

Brands should not “cherry-pick metrics” and ensure their metrics are consistent across media channels.

This piece argues that to make the right advertising investments, brands should have a meticulously planned measurement strategy. To “return to proper marketing measurement” marketers should focus on categories like data, methodologies, and others.

Matthew Chappell, partner at Gain Theory says that brands should define their campaign expectations in advance to set the right metric. After deciding the metrics, marketers should ensure the metrics are consistent across media channels to effectively define campaign success.

Marketers should create a fair comparison of input metrics like gross rate profits or reach and outcome metrics like sales and web visits. Chappell further cautions that businesses should not measure output metrics like clicks or phone calls as it can lead to “misguided thinking.”

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