Brands can measure the success of podcasts by combining its long-term value with its ad value

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February 10, 2020, 4:34 PM UTC

Measuring podcast performance can be hard for brands if only download data is taken into consideration.

Brands can measure its podcast's success by combining its ad value space, rising brand affinity via engagement and its long-term value, as a marketing asset. Marketers can compute the monthly ad value of a podcast by calculating the ad revenue it generates.

This piece states that with the arrival of inbound marketing, long-term content can pay dividends to brands in the form of audience attention. Podcasts are generally in long-form format and can help increase engagement "in terms of time spent with the brand".

Podcasts can also be a long-term asset to marketers, as it attracts and engages audience independent of advertising platforms. Businesses can also evaluate the podcasts' value by measuring the increment in brand affinity.

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