Publishers must showcase their detailed customer data to attract advertisers towards gated databases

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February 07, 2020, 1:18 PM UTC

Platforms like Google and Facebook, along with other publishers, are using “walled gardens” to secure their consumer data.

With Google planning to phase out third-party cookies, publishers are building their walled gardens, while advertisers are looking for alternate sources of granular audience data. Publishers have the edge over platforms because an abundance of content allows them detailed customer engagement data.

The author contends that for advertisers with large customer databases, it is a “safe, effective bet” to match their data to the unique rich datasets owned by publishers. But publishers must highlight the depth of their addressable data instead of only the number of unique visitors.

While pitching, publishers must provide advertisers with value-added data. InfoSum’s Stuart Colman says that every publisher should get more people to register their sites to access the content.

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