About 62% of companies have a crisis plan, but 28.90% of them don’t know if its up-to-date

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February 06, 2020, 7:47 AM GMT+0

A PR crisis survey conducted by CS&A International found 37.10% of companies have never conducted a crisis exercise.

The report found that, at 55.38%, crises arising from ethics and compliance issues are more likely to affect the industry. Cyber attack comes in with 38.71% and product or service quality issues at 36.02%.

Of the 62.37% of companies that reported having a crisis management plan, 21.97% believe the plan needs to be updated. 28.90% are unaware if the plan is updated and only the remaining 49.13% reported having updated plans.  

While 22.58% of respondents say they run crisis exercises once each year, 37.10% admitted to never having conducted one. Reacting quickly and communicating between departments and receiving prompt responses are some of the challenges companies face while responding to a crisis.

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