Marketers can use Google Search Console to analyse and optimise their website URLs

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February 04, 2020, 4:48 PM UTC

Creating content-based on users' search intent can help brands improve overall dwell time.

This piece suggests marketers should check their website URLs on the Google Search Console or apply the cache method to ensure their sites are indexed and optimised for search results. Brands can go to and type in the search bar “cache:[the URL you want to check]” to check if their pages are indexed.

Crafting well-written headlines with detailed meta description can help businesses improve click-through rate. Marketers can also reduce click-back rates on websites by satisfying their user's search intent and delivering relevant content.

The author suggests brands should add internal links on websites to optimise pages for search engines. Marketers can reach out to people who regularly post and mention their brand, and ask them to link relevant content on their sites.

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